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LogoB16From test procedure to laboratory order - here you will find everything you need to know about our B16+ test for diagnosing Lyme disease.

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B16+ video

B16The B16+ test differs from standard test for Lyme disease. Managing Director, Marco Haase, explains why and aswers questtions.

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Lyme Disease Video

M Haase scharf DCL Managing Director, Marco Haase, answers the most frequent questions about the multi-systemic disorder Lyme disease.

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Our partner physicians

Aerzte Kooperation kleinFind a specialist physician near you who uses the B16+ test.  We have partners in various countries in Germany and Europe.

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The German Chronic Disease Laboratory is specialized in diagnosing Lyme disease

The DCL is a privately run laboratory which aims to provide the best possible procedures for diagnosing Lyme disease.

We specialise in verifying the presence of infectious diseases which are mainly transmitted by ticks. These include Lyme disease and various co-infections.

Our B16+ test series is a reliable method of diagnosing chronic Lyme disease. This diagnostic system consists of a combination of 16 tests which dramatically increases the probability of an accurate diagnosis compared to recommended tests. With this method, the percentage of Lyme disease infections detected is very high. The acknowledged inadequacies of standard  tests and the risks of incorrect diagnosis based on "seronegative" findings are consequently largely ruled out.

Our combination of diagnostic methods has grown out of years of close cooperation between infected patients and experienced Lyme disease physicians and the results of scientific research.