Ways of treating Lyme disease

Immediate action must be taken if it is suspected that a patient has Lyme disease. The sooner the infection is treated, the more likely it is that the worst symptoms can be prevented.

Lyme disease therapy with antibiotics

If the erythema migrans typical of Lyme disease appears after a tick bite (see Symptoms), this is a clear indicator of infection. The patient should consult a doctor immediately and start treatment without waiting for lab results. Patients are usually treated with antibiotics, which should be taken for at least 28 days if the infection is new. Afterwards, another blood test is performed to find out whether the treatment has worked.

If other symptoms appear despite immediate treatment with antibiotics, or if the symptoms return after the antibiotic treatment has ended, another course of treatment may be necessary. The same applies to chronic or previously untreated Lyme disease.

Natural treatment for Lym disease

Many physicians believe that antibiotics are the most reliable method of treatment, but no international consensus has been reached about the best way to proceed. This is why some doctors rely on natural remedies such as fungi and herbs.

Each patient has to make up his own mind about the best way together with his doctor or natural health practitioner.

In any case, the most important initial step is to eliminate the pathogen. Afterwards, any remaining chronic symptoms may have to be treated and the patient's immune system built up after being weakened by the infection.

Ways of treating Lyme disease. Photo: PhotoSG/fotolia.com
 Photo: PhotoSG/fotolia.com