The B16+ test - the most reliable method too diagnose lyme disease

Many Lyme disease patients undergo a long odyssey from doctor to doctor before receiving a firm diagnosis.
There are three reasons for this:

  1. Lyme disease has a wide variety of symptoms and is therefore frequently mistaken for other diseases.
  2. Lyme disease also behaves like a kind of chameleon. The bacteria can change their surface structure and turn up in widely different parts of the body. There are also various kinds of
    Borrelia bacteria capable of causing disease. This makes it more difficult to detect their presence in the body.
  3. The standard tests for diagnosing Lyme disease are imprecise and may yield negative results even though the patient has Lyme disease.

This is why many patients are only diagnosed with Lyme disease at a very late stage.

The German Chronic Disease Laboratory's B16+ test aims to help solve this problem.

More than 16 individual tests are conducted to detect an infection with lyme disease

This test procedure differs significantly from the standard test methods used by most laboratories in Germany. It consists of more than 16 individual tests enabling it to detect the widest possible range of Lyme disease antibodies. This makes it the most accurate and reliable antibody test currently available on the market.