Schuster family

Dear lab team,

I would like to thank you on behalf of my husband and of course of our whole family.

When my husband's health suddenly started to deteriorate 6 months ago, we had no idea what was wrong. We went to our family doctor and had him checked over - but nothing was found. We went to another GP - more tests - nothing definite was found - we were referred to a neurologist.

Several weeks passed (we had to wait a while to get an appointment with the neurologist). Well, what can I say.... the appointment was a waste of time! My husband was written off as a hypochondriac. Apparently he was just imagining the joint pain, dizziness, forgetfulness.... OK.... we searched the internet for solutions to our problem. Could my husband have Lyme disease?

Luckily, an acquaintance told us about the laboratory and your work. We decided to send you a sample of my husband's blood. Lo and behold, the test was positive. Thanks to your test and the treatment plan (which is being implemented by our new family doctor), my husband now feels much better, and I am sure he will continue to improve.

With warmest thanks,
Schuster family from M.